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For me, being a wedding photographer was an evidence, a desire, a deep desire. This job allows me to combine two subjects that are essential to me: the human - the couple and photography.

Telling or "photo-telling" the story of couples who get married is a real challenge as well as a real happiness. A challenge because wedding photography is a real sport, I mean, a marathon that you have to know how to run over an average of fifteen hours, yes that's the duration of a wedding reportage. During this report I follow my bride and groom in their crazy day so as not to miss anything of their story which is written with four hands, two hearts, two heads - what can I say there are also their guests, so 150 hearts and heads on average ... Yes, even if you've been preparing your wedding for a year or more in great detail, on your wedding day, the unexpected and spontaneity will have all the room it takes. And how do you win a marathon or a relay race? (why is he talking about relays?! because the bride, the groom and i are a team!) Well, it's by training, searching and striving to become better and better.

I don't pretend to be the best wedding photographer in Lyon, anyway to say it loud and clear I would have to enter competitions and if there is one thing I don't like it's competition that inflames the ego. The only feedback from my bride and groom is enough to say that I am a good wedding photographer, serious, pleasant, professional ... and surely more than that because for many I become the photographer who images their highlights of life as a couple and family: Madame's pregnancy, the birth of a baby, the family reunion, the 40 years between friends in bivouac... ah I didn't tell you, I love bivouacs and that's a big part of the reason why I came back to live in Lyon, not far from my childhood mountains!

In short, I am a wedding photographer based in Lyon and I produce wedding reports that tell in a natural and creative way the unforgettable day of my bride and groom in Lyon, in the Beaujolais, in the Ain, in Brittany, in Paris, in Canada... in fact everywhere I am asked to come, provided that the human adventure is there.


It's your wedding day. You're beautiful, you're you. You're going to laugh, cry, dance too. You'll have a perfect day, or almost a perfect day. You will be surrounded by those you love, those who are by your side every day, those who are too far away from you. You will go through eclectic, singular emotions. Your hearts will be pounding. 

This is all that I am imaging for you, by being your wedding photographer on that day, so that all these furtive moments will last more than a day. Because after all, reliving all those moments intensely tomorrow, 10 years from now, 50 years from now... it's priceless. 

Since I moved back to Lyon, I have specialized in creating one image per second, which changes the way I used to create 60 images per second. I've always been a professional of the image industry (I'll let you read my about it if you want to know more about my background and personality) I simply changed my approach to my job ! 

So for several years now, photography has been my profession in its own right, yes all year round and full time, because it was obvious to me that if I was going to embark on this entrepreneurial adventure and become a photographer it had to be in a professional way, therefore seriously and qualitatively. 

Making this activity my future would lead me to blossom and make my clients happy so that it works, so I apply myself to it every day that passes. To do this, I have specialized in two areas: wedding photography and corporate photography (corporate photographer). 


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